Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jamaican School holds Read-A-Thon: Parents encouraged to read to toddlers

Title: Parents Urged to Develop Children's Reading Skills
Source: MANDEVILLE, Jamaica Information Service (JIS)
Date published: Friday, December 31, 2010


A Jamaican school, Green Park Primary and Junior High School in Sandy Bay, Clarendon, held a Read-A-Thon and Spell-A-Thon. The competition culminated with an awards ceremony where participants received certificates and the top performers received trophies. The article also gives a synopsis on a speech delivered by an educator, Dr. Jean Beaumont, who urges Jamaican Parents to play their active role in development of their children’s literacy skills. Beaumont advocates that Jamaican parents read to their children before school age and get them interested from early in words and letter recognition. This Beaumont declares will serve as the foundation of academic success in adulthood.


Educator, Dr. Jean Beaumont, is imploring parents to work with their children to develop their reading skills.

The awards ceremony was held to recognise the 40 students, who participated in the school's Read-A-Thon and Spell-A-Thon competitions.

Certificates were presented to all the participants, with the top three finishers in each segment also awarded medals and trophies for outstanding performance.

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