Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Goals Coming for Carib LIN

Dear readers,

Originally, when I created this blog, I had the intention of just experimenting with the technology.

In conducting the experiment and familiarization with the technology, I had also hoped to generate solid views and commentary about the movement of the region into an information driven and knowledge-based society and economy.

However, I have reviewed these objectives. I now see the potential of the site to be the place of choice to inform researchers about the developments in the region in librarianship and other news relevant to information scientists and librarians.

Currently, I have added a logo depicting a laptop and a book giving enlightenment. I have also created a customised search engine using Google's technology to provide access to websites that provide the news and information about the regional developments in librarianship and the utilisation of information for economic growth and social cultural development.

I am currently working with a plan to renew this blog and make it have a greater impact for research, documenting and disseminating sources to further develop the body of knowledge on the developments in the Caribbean as it relates to the library and non-profit information sector.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Justice Minister Highlights Critical Role of Law Librarians

TITLE: Justice Minister Highlights Critical Role of Law Librarians

DATE: Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SOURCE: Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

ABSTRACT (From article):

"Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne, has highlighted the critical role qualified law librarians play in providing information required in the legal profession. Speaking at the 21st annual conference of the Caribbean Association of Law Librarians (CARALL) today (July 7)...."


The article contains excerpts of speeches from two important Jamaican officials from the legal and justice fraternity on the situation of law librarianship in the region, the importance of law librarians and a call for action towards improving the situation of law librarianship. The speeches were presented at the 21st annual conference of the Caribbean Association of Law Librarians (CARALL), held in Jamaica under the theme: 'Viable, Vital and Vibrant - Be Prepared to Succeed' from July 7 to 10, 2008.

Brief information is also given about the association and its history.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Trinidad & Tobago participates in UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme

AUTHOR: Maharaj, Sateesh
Keepers of the World
DATE: Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SOURCE: Trinidad & Tobago Express


The article briefly introduces the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation's (UNESCO's) Memory of the World Programme. The article then moves on to discuss how the Trinindad and Tobago's campus of the University of the West Indies became an early participant in this programme. Out of this participation, the campus has three collections that are registed in the programme:
  • CLR James,
  • Dr. Eric Williams and
  • Derek Wlacott collection.
A brief description of each collection is given.

The information is taken mainly from a speech made by Professor Margaret Rouse-Jones. Additionally, there is a synopsis of the speech by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Trinidad and Tobago's Education Ministry, Marlene Felix , about the local benefits of the Memory of the World Programme to local citizens.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Regional Libraries Going Digital

Title: Regional Libraries Expected to be Fully Digital in Five Years

Date: Saturday, June 07, 2008

Source: MONTEGO BAY (Jamaica Information Service)



A report on the Association of Caribbean University Research and Institutional Libraries
Conference in Montego Bay, based on interviews with the local organisers of the conference. The report covers the theme of the conference and the expectations of the impact of the conference on regional library services.

Extract from the Source:
"Libraries in Jamaica and across the wider Caribbean region are expected to be fully digital and automated in another five years, making them more user-friendly and information more accessible to students in the global e-environment."

A number of spelling errors plague the article. Also there is no signed author (so no one to hold responsible for the spelling errors and inaccuracies in the article). Despite these, the primary sources referred to in the article are reliable. In addition, the article is produced by the state runned news agency.