Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trinidad & Tobago Minister endorses restoring old library building

Author: Michelle Loubon
Title: Education Minister lauds library restoration plans
Date Published: Sunday, September 30, 2012
Source: Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Article reports on a speech by Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh that discussed the restoration plans for the old Public Library at Knox Street, Port-of-Spain and the significance of such a restoration to Trinidad and Tobago. This speech reportedly took place at the launch of book entitled A Tale From The Old Library Vol 2: An Historical Record of the Public Library. The report also provides background information about this book, in terms of  its content and the authorship behind its publication.


Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh says restoration of the old Public Library at Knox Street, Port-of-Spain, will foster a much needed appreciation of T&T’s history among the younger generation. He made this comment while delivering the feature address at the launch of A Tale From The Old Library Vol 2: An Historical Record of the Public Library, on Friday.

Gopeesingh said: “We live in a time when libraries and their historical significance run the risk of being lost in this age of technology. The fact that this project falls under the National Patriotism Month—and while we celebrate our 50th anniversary—makes it more worthwhile and relevant.” He added, “We will be fulfilling that very glaring need to preserve the memories and legacies of all our great patriots, past and present, who offered to their nation their leadership, skills and achievements at the highest levels.”

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Caribbean Library Journal's (CLJ) call for submissions for 2013 publication

SOURCE:  Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ): A publication of The University of the West Indies, University Libraries

Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ) announces its call for submissions for online publication in its April 2013 issue. Information is provided about the journal and its scope. Types of research and submissions accepted are also outlined.

Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ) welcomes the submission of manuscripts for the publication of its inaugural issue in April 2013. CLJ is an open access peer-reviewed online journal which focuses on the practice and research of Caribbean librarianship and the information management of Caribbean resources globally. It publishes original research written by Caribbean librarians, information scientists and library school faculty and students, as well as by information professionals from outside the Caribbean region who work with, or conduct research on Caribbean materials. Currently, CLJ is only able to accept publications in English.
The CLJ team will work with new authors and persons with innovative ways of presenting scholarship in the Web 2.0 environment. A section of the journal is assigned to pushing the boundaries of Caribbean scholarship and publications. CLJ will accept visual essays, video presentations, technical coding with explanations on library and information, illustrated guides on how to solve library and archival issues.

Deadline for abstracts of no more than 400 words: 15th October 2012
See here for details.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

National Library of Guyana turns 103 years old

Title:  National Library is 103 years old
Source: Stabroek
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This article features the history of the Guyana National Library. Mentioned in the article are important milestones in how the library came into being, including key historical persons behind the library's existence.

 After over a century of dedicated service to the Guyanese populace, the Guyana National Library has achieved another significant milestone, celebrating its 103rd birthday on September 9 last.
Although founded in 1909, the groundwork for the establishment of the then Carnegie Free Library actually began in 1907, after entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie provided a grant of £7,000 towards its construction. After several name changes along the years, in 1972, the Library Ordinance was amended which resulted in yet another name change from the Public Library to the National Library. The library now had dual responsibility for National and Library Services.