Thursday, 31 December 2009

Media Literacy promotion to begin in Jamaica

Title: Broadcasting Commission Promotes Media Literacy
Source: KINGSTON: Jamaica Information Service (JIS)
Date Published: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Article reports on an interview conducted with the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, Cordel Green. Green in the interview states that Jamaicans' participation in the new information economy, needs to move from the position of just being consumers to also being producers of information. TO achieve this, Green suggests that Jamaica needs a media literate populace. Green then highlights the role of the Broadcasting Commission and its role in the development of a media literate populace.


Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green, has said that if Jamaica is to participate, fully, in the new information economy, it will need to develop a media literate population.

According to the Executive Director in an interview with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Jamaicans must not be satisfied just being consumers of the products, but must also aim to become creators.

"The ability to access the internet and information is just one part of media literacy, we must also be able to interpret what it is that we are receiving and, most importantly, be able to create content to be able to participate fully in this new information economy and be able to guide ourselves along the highway", he said.

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