Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jamaican copyright violations robbing authors and publishers

Author: HG HELPS Editor-at-Large Investigative Coverage Unit icu AT

Title: Copy cats robbing book industry: Authors, publishers losing millions to people who photocopy material

Source: Jamaica Observer

Date published: Sunday, January 31, 2010


This article reports on perceptions of the status of copyright infringements in Jamaica. The effect of the infringements on Jamaican publishing industry is also mentioned, with a number of publishers and members of the book industry giving their perspective on the matter.

The Jamaican copyright law is also discussed while juxtaposed with the journalist's report on blatant infringements and violations of the law. The main perpetrators of the wholesale photocopying of books are said to be within the education sector. Also discussed are the initiatives to prevent against copyright as well as the lack of action taken to curb the violations. Reasons for the violations are also given.

"It is estimated that thousands of students engage in the activity, although many of them are not aware of the dangers involved and the possible consequences.

But photocopying of copyrighted material has become commonplace in the Jamaican education sector, moreso at the tertiary level, leaving those who produce and distribute the material financially battered and defeated

Authors of books and those who publish the material are particularly and directly affected, as they estimate that hundreds of millions of dollars, which would normally have landed in their bank accounts, are instead fattening the pockets of education pirates in many instances.

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