Saturday, 24 October 2009

Branch library workers go door to door in Barbados

Author: (YB)[Yvette Best?]
Title: Branch workers going door to door
Source: Barbados Nation News
Date published: October 24, 2009

The article outlines the new marketing strategy for the Barbados Public branch library to increase the use of its library services. This involves canvassing the community like politicians.

The librarian outlines how this strategy will be undertaken, and the rationale behind it. One of the obstacles to the use of the new library facility is also articulated. The acting library directory also indicates a plan to overcome that obstacle.

The article also gives the age of the Barbados Public library service and reports on its current expansion and improvement in infrastructure.

STAFF OF the Barbados Library Service are preparing to hit the road.

Acting Director of the Barbados Library Service, Avonda Callender, said she and her staff would be canvassing the districts in St Joseph to get people to use the new facilities at Tamarind Hall in the Eric Holder Jr. Complex.

"We're going out there, foot to foot. This is the first time the library will do it. It's a new marketing strategy we're introducing and we are going to do it in St Joseph.

Trinidad and Tobago's Carnegie Library — a proud legacy

Author: Aruna Harbaran
Title: Carnegie Library — a proud legacy
Date Published: 23 October 2009


A letter sent to the paper by a librarian discussing the age of the Carnegie library, its mission, and how it has been serving the society.

Carnegie Free Library is 90 years old (1919-2009) and still going strong. What an incredible achievement! During this time it has served to fill more than the information needs of the southern community.

Not enough staff for Barbados library system

Author: Yvette Best
Title: Not enough staff for library needs
Date Published: 10/24/2009.

Article reports on how staff shortage is curtailing the library's service to the community and society.

Information is also given about how the use of the library has changed especially with the advent of computers.

The article also outlines some of the programmes and services that the Barbados public library system offers, thereby revealing one area of the library system's strength. However the article also outlines that diversification of the services and programmes is also curtailed by the shortage of staff.

A SHORTAGE OF STAFF is preventing the Barbados Library Service from fully completing its mandate.

Acting director of the Barbados Library Service, Avonda Callender, said the current complement of 37 was insufficient for the eight branch libraries.

"There is a problem . . . Government has to provide the staffing. So we are trying to introduce new services with the limited staff. We cannot provide half the services that we really would like to do," she said.

US Embassy gives to a Jamaican School Library

Title: US Embassy gives Mona High Library a boost
Source: Jamaica Observer's Teenage
Date Published: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This article reports on donations that the United States Embassy in Kingston made to a Jamaican high school. Included in the reported are some examples of the resources that were donated.

The article also reports on the embassy's Information Resource Centre (IRC) and the type of serivces and information it provides.

The US Embassy in Kingston gave the Mona High School a boost last Wednesday, when the embassy presented the school with a brand new desktop computer and laser printer, as well as over 120 books.

The gifts earmarked for the school's library, includes titles from the Scholastic Secondary Ambassador collection among other books.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Barbados library service needs more personnel

Author: Khalil Goodman
Title: Island’s library service needs more personnel
Source: The Barbados Advocate
Date Published: October 22, 2009

This article outlines the plight and plans for personnel to staff the Barbados National Library Service. The Acting Director of the Barbados National Library Service outlines that the need for more personnel is required to aid the Library service in its expansion of services to nation.

Information is also divulged about the Tamarind Hall Branch Library, and the services that it expected to deliver to the community.

The Minister of Community Development and Culture is also cited as outlining his vision for the National Library service in its upgrading of its services. The Minister also agrees with the need for emphasis on meeting the manpower and human resource need to the library's success in offering new services. He highlights several human resource development plans for the Barbados National Library Service towards achieving this.


The Barbados Library Service has continued to expand its range of services to meet the Barbadian public’s needs in the 21st century. Unfortunately, the service needs more staff so that these services can be provided consistently.

“Presently we have 38 posts and we need additional staff to help provide services more efficiently,” said Evonda Callendar, Acting Director of the Barbados National Library Service.
She spoke to the Barbados Advocate after the opening of the Tamarind Hall Branch Library in St. Joseph, at the Eric Holder Municipal Complex. This branch brings the number of libraries of the service to eight.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Youth Information Centre for Manchester, Jamaica

Title: Youth Information Centre for Manchester
Source: MANDEVILLE, Jamaica Information Service (JIS)
Date Published: Thursday, October 01, 2009

Article outlines the construction of a building for the Youth Information Centre for Manchester on lands owned by the Parish Council.

Articulated is the vision for the centre and how it is expected to impact the youth in the community.

Details about the completion date and what it is expected to accommodate is provided. The funding agency behind the construction is also named.


Ground was broken Wednesday (September 30) for a prototype Youth Information Centre (YIC) for Manchester, on lands donated by the Parish Council.

"This project is a significant milestone in our efforts to have one full capacity YIC in each parish, and is part of our ongoing effort to create youth empowerment, through the use of information. We intend to build, at least, one satellite youth information centre in each constituency that falls within the parish, over a five-year period," Senator Newby stated.

He told the gathering that the Centre is "a social asset" which must be protected, in order to make a shift in the lives of future generations.

Construction is slated to be completed in 12 months. The completed Centre will accommodate over 1,500 each month, and will be staffed with two youth empowerment officers and other personnel.

Funding for the project is provided by the Korea International Co-operation Agency (KOICA)."

Jamaica's CHASE fund funds a school library project

Title: CHASE Fund to Contribute $1 Million to Glenmuir High
Source: MANDEVILLE, Jamaican Information Service (JIS)
Date Published: Friday, October 02, 2009


The article reports on the speech by the Chief Executive Officer of the CHASE fund, Billy Heaven, about plans to fund the Glenmuir High School Library and Resource Centre, in Clarendon with one million dollars. Heaven declares also the number of school libraries that have benefited from the fund.

Background information is also given about the CHASE fund and the typical projects that it supports, in addition to its sources of income.

The article also briefly mentions how the funding from CHASE fund will be used for the Glenmuir High School Library and Resource Centre.


The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, will be contributing $1 million to the Glenmuir High School Library and Resource Centre, in Clarendon.

This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Billy Heaven, at the school, on September 30.

"We have already committed the funds; it is a question of the drawdown as soon as the library is up and running. They are constructing a new building and therefore we will be equipping that building," he told JIS News.

The library and resource centre will be equipped with a multi media projector and screen, printer and a speaker system which, according to Principal of Glenmuir High, Mr. Clement Radcliff, will be especially beneficial to students studying Spanish.

More Jamaicans urged to access government information

Author: Mark Beckford, Staff Reporter

Title: Access to information needs to be more public

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Date Published: Friday, October 2, 2009



Article highlights the situation following the implementation of the Access to Information Act in Jamaica, in 2002. The views of Damian Cox, director of the Access to Information Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister are revealed. He suggests that there is need for more publicity on the Act among the ordinary Jamaicans, and highlights that currently, mostly professionals and academics are making use of the provisions and the rights afforded by the act.

The article also discusses the high school essay competition to promote the knowledge and importance of the Act among students.


Damian Cox, director of the Access to Information Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister, says more people need to take advantage of the Access to Information Act.

"I think we need more Jamaicans to use the law, I don't think even in this time when we are going into a review of the act everybody feels like we need to get more persons, ordinary Jamaicans using the law because the system
is in place," he told The Gleaner at the launch of the Access to Information National High School Essay
Competition, yesterday.