Thursday, 31 December 2015

Carib LIN 2015 reflections and final post

This month marks the beginning of the eight year anniversary of when I started CaribLIN. On December 20, 2007, I wrote my first blog post announcing the intent for this blog. This day, December 31, 2015, I cannot guarantee that the blog will be maintained or updated. As such, this post may very well be the final post for the CaribLIN blog.

To my blog audience, I apologize for the lack of entries for the latter part of 2015 and for the famine of entries for 2016. The year 2015 has turned out to be quite a challenging year for me. Further, considering that I now have dual identities as both a student and an employee, blogging becomes more challenging both in terms of time commitment.

For the most part, I am contemplating to cease personal blogging and to put my writing in other spheres. Time demands this. I have a larger family (four children now) and I am now lecturing, which means that I had to keep up a publication record to secure tenure as an academic. As such, whatever articles that I would have published here will better serve my occupational interest if published. As a consequence, my CaribLIN blog will/may no longer be updated. What articles I might have updated on the blog will now become case studies that I will submit for publication as teaching cases or compile into a book for Caribbean students of LIS. I regret the demise of CaribLIN and the void that it will create in library blogosphere for library trends in the English-speaking Caribbean region.

All the best to my dedicated CaribLIN audience and may you prosper in 2016.