Thursday, 28 May 2009

Grenada's PM restates commitment to Information Act

Title: Restating commitment to Information act
Source: Grenada Today /
Date Published: May 23rd, 2009

Article reports on excerpts from the Prime Minister of Grenada's speech to a Caribbean Media and Communication Conference held in the community. Much of the speech is directed at the media, with the Prime Minister expressing his personal perception of the role of the media and the abuse of that role in Grenada's society. In this article also is expressed the Prime Minister's commitment to Grenada's Information Act or freedom of information legislation.

The 10-month old government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas campaign promise to implement a Freedom of Information Act is well underway. During the opening of a two-day Caribbean Media and Communication Conference held at the Flamboyant Hotel last week Thursday and Friday, the Prime Minister disclosed that his government has already circulated a draft Freedom of Information Act for inputs and feedback.

He told the gathering of over 30 regional journalists/broadcasters together with local media practitioners that the choice of Grenada to hold this Conference is timely as his administration is currently engaging stakeholders on a proposed freedom of information act and is about to commence engagement on a new media policy.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Jamaica's Bustamante Museum treasures at risk

Author: Hunter, Nadisha
Title: Busta Museum treasures at risk
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published: Monday, May 25, 2009

The article reports on the plight of a local museum, which lacks the funding necessary to insure its collection and complete facilities to serve the public. Also raised is the effect of the economic downturn on the local museum, as funding and the museum's budget is threatened. In the article, some of the items in the Bustamante Museum's collection are revealed or mentioned. Its situation is also compared with another local museum.


The recently opened Bustamante Museum, which houses a multimillion-dollar collection of memorabilia of National Hero and former Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante, is not insured, The Gleaner has learnt.

Nora Strudwick, project manager at the Bustamante Museum, has revealed that the historic collection - which includes letters, photographs, regalia and other items, some on display for the first time - is at risk.

Lack of funding has also stymied adequate fire-prevention and security plans. There's only a single caretaker on the property.

Jamaican Librarian crowned Parish Cultural Queen

Four more parish queens crowned
Source: The Jamaica Observer
Date published: Monday, May 18, 2009

Article reports on the Jamaica Festival Queen competition for 2009. One such winner at the Parish level is a Jamaican Librarian, Kelonie Noble.

Excerpt from the Jamaica Observer:

Kelonie Noble, a 23-year-old librarian at the Hanover Parish Library took home the Hanover Festival Queen title and the award for Best Performer and was also the Most Culturally Aware.

Title: Something Extra
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published: Thursday | May 21, 2009

In this article, a picture shows Kelonie Noble, a Jamaican Librarian, winning the parish Festival queen competition.

Excerpt from the Jamaica Gleaner:

Twenty-three-year-old librarian at the Hanover Parish Library, Kelonie Noble, was named Miss Hanover Festival Queen 2009 at a parish coronation show held at the Lucea Anglican church hall on Saturday.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Visits to the library produces Cardiac Surgery in Guyana

Author: Sharmain Cornette

Title: Defying the odds and providing high-quality cardiac service: Dr Gary Stephens is a ‘Special Person’

Source: Kaieteur News

Date Published: May 17, 2009


The article reports on the biographical story of Dr Gary Stephens, a cardiac surgeon, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the lone Cardiac facility in Guyana, the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI). His successes are traced by the author to his childhood experiences at the public library, where a librarian and her story telling sessions motivated him to read. This love of reading that was inculcated in him by the librarian lead him to read a particular book, which fed his aspiration to become a doctor.


His passion for being a doctor was motivated by his visits to the library as a young boy, a pastime he managed to balance with his love for athletics. He was in fact an outstanding athlete back in the days.

But according to Dr Stephens his motivation to visit the library was driven by the way the librarian would read.

“Those were the days when the Public Library in Linden had a storytelling time in the afternoons and on Saturdays. The librarian was so good that you would make the effort to go there and sit down and listen. The way the librarian read whatever book she had, it just encouraged you to want to read. She made me want to read…you just wanted to pick up a book and just enjoy it the same way she read it to you.”

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Caribbean Classic Golf invitational powering e-learning in schools

Author: Nadisha Hunter

Title: Golf invitational helps yet another school

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Date Published: Saturday | May 16, 2009



Article reports on the donation of computers to the Nightingale Grove Primary School school. Also documented is how the school is expecting to make use of the donations to manage learning and reduce illiteracy.


Nightingale Grove Primary School, located in St Elizabeth, was among seven primary schools given computers to assist students in the learning process.

The equipment was donated by Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational in fulfilment of its mission "to put computer learning centres in all primary schools in Jamaica".

So far, the group has met the needs of 70 schools at a cost exceeding US$400,000 (approximately J$35,303,303).

Historical perspective of the National Library of Guyana

Author: Gwyneth George and Gillian Thompson

Title: Celebrating 100 years of public library service: a historical perspective of the National Library of Guyana

Source: Stabroek News

Date Published: May 14, 2009


The article provides information about the role and work of the National Library of Guyana, which also serves as the public library for Guyana. Also covered are some historical milestones and key developments in the role and work of the National Library as well as some of the challenges faced.

This is the second article in a two-part series that gives a historical perspective of the development of the Public Library Service in Guyana. The first installment looked at the emergence and development of the public library service in Guyana up to 1959. This article will discuss the rural library service, the library as a social and cultural entity, library education, the work of the Public/National Library service as embodied in the Act of 1972 and the challenges facing the National Library as it celebrates 100 years of service to the Guyanese community.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN)'s Universal Decimal Classification Workshop

Event: Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN)'s Universal Decimal Classification Workshop

Theme: "The UDC and You"

Location (Venue): Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Date: June 11, 2009

Sponsor (or Major Organizer): Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN)

Caribbean Knowledge Management Summit

Event: Central Information Technology Office (CITO) 6th Annual regional Summit

Theme: Knowledge Management: A lifeline in these challenging times

Date: May 21, 2009

Place (or Location): The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Host or Major Sponsor: Central Information Technology Office (CITO), Jamaica

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Barbados Archives Department's ‘We Island Story’ Exhibit

Author: J.H.
Title: Archives Department shares ‘We Island Story’
Source: The Barbados Advocate
Date Published: May 14, 2009

The article reports on the “We Island Story” exhibit and the objective of the exhibit. Among the objective is the showcasing of the Archives role and mission in the preservation of the nation's history and cultural heritage. Information is given about the work of the archives and its services.


AS part of Archives Awareness Month 2009, an exhibition entitled "We Island Story" was officially launched at the Barbados Archives Department yesterday.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Jamaican School reading programme

Author: Adrian Frater

Title: Gabrielle - Green Island's reading phenom

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Date Published: Friday | May 8, 2009



Article reports on the results of the work and efforts of a teacher and parent to get children involved in reading, and how it has benefited her own daughter and the school that she works for.


For many, Gabrielle's brilliance is nature's way of repaying her mother for the beyond-the-call-of-duty approach she adopted when the school's reading programme was being developed two years ago. Today she works with a special group of 30 students.

"I try to develop a close relationship with them and try to get them to believe in themselves," said Salmon, who has created an incentive programme for her students, using her own money

Salmon, a graduate of Mico Teachers' College (now The Mico University College) has also tried to get parents involved in their children's reading, sometimes including activities for parents in the homework

Civic organization supports Literacy in Jamaican Schools and Libraries

Title: Schools to Benefit from Literacy Support
Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS): WASHINGTON, DC
Date: Friday, May 01, 2009


A civic organization announces its plans to carry out some activities geared towards promoting and developing literacy in Jamaica. This article reports on that organization, the Read Across Jamaica Foundation founded in 2004, summarising its planned activities and mission.


Some 20 schools and one library across six parishes are to benefit from literacy support as the Read Across Jamaica Foundation pays its annual visit to the island from May 1-9, under the theme: 'Journey across Jamaica.'

JA Gov't modifies tax decision on Printed materials

Title: Government Switches GCT on Some Items to Alcohol and Cigarettes
Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS), KINGSTON
Date: Thursday, May 07, 2009



Government reverses tax decisions on printed materials, excluding newspapers. Tax on computers remain, but waivers granted to "approved" educational institutions.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

JA Gov't tax books and computers

Author: Petrina Francis, Staff Reporter
Title: Walker eases book stalemate
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published: Saturday | May 2, 2009

Article reports on how the Government's announcement of a new tax on books complicated the clearance of books on the wharves, and the intervention of the Commissioner of Customs to ignore the application of new taxes until a list of books that are tax-exempted is provided. The article also reports on the concerns of the Book Industry Association over the new tax and how they fear that publishers and book dealers may go out of business due to this move. Finally the article also remarks on the Government's decision to charge tax on computers and the justification behind doing so.

COMMISSIONER OF Customs Danville Walker yesterday gave instructions for books currently on the wharves to be cleared under the existing rules until the new guidelines for general consumption tax (GCT) on books are finalised

The Government last week announced that GCT would now be applied to books and other printed material, which are not educational or religious. The tax was to take effect on Monday.

However, concerns were expressed by the Customs Brokers' Association that books have been languishing on the wharves since Monday because there was a confusion on which books would be taxed.

Institute of Ja head wants more visitors

Author: Oliver Clark
Title: Institute of Ja head wants more visitors
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published: Saturday | May 2, 2009


The article introduces the problem of the low visits by Jamaican nationals to the Institute of Jamaica and the low usage or viewing of its resources, collections and services. The value of the services and collection are expressed, as well as the mission or mandate of the Institute.

Vivian Crawford stands in a gallery full of exhibits but empty of visitors. As the executive director of the institute, it saddens him that there are not more people who come to experience what the institute has to offer.

The Seaga Collection Preview at UWI Mona

Author: Kimone Thompson
Title: The wait is still on for the tantalising Seaga collection
Source: Jamaica Observer
Date published: Sunday, May 03, 2009

Article provides information about a special collection being established at the Main Library of the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI). The collection will contain information about Jamaica's social and political history compiled by Seaga based on his experiences and involvement in Jamaica's politics and society. The article also makes mention of perceptions of several dignitaries of the contribution that Seaga has made to Jamaica, as one of the longest serving politician and public figure and their reaction to the preview of the collection.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) which houses the collection, staged a whet-the-appetite launch last Thursday at the Main Library on the Mona Campus at which benefactors like Gordon 'Butch' Stewart, Maurice Facey, and government ministers Mike Henry and Andrew Holness, among other dignitaries, came to give their blessing.

Already described as the "most extensive" collection of Jamaica's social and political history in one location, the body of works comprises a compilation of 27 speeches made by Seaga in the past four years titled Revelations: beyond Political Boundaries; a book titled The Grenada Intervention: the Inside Story; Seaga's autobiography in two volumes; a digitised collection of papers and recordings and a compilation of macroeconomic data from 1950 to 2007.

The collection - catalogued under the UWI's West Indian Collection, and undertaken with funds raised by the institution's development and endowment fund - was put together by Seaga who was made a Distinguished Fellow in the UWI School of Graduate Studies and Research in 2005.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Book launch for a book about Jamaica's Intellectual Property Laws

Title: Book on Intellectual Property Laws Launched
Source: KINGSTON, Jamaica Information Service (JIS)
Date published: Saturday, April 25, 2009


Jamaica's laws on Intellectual Property have, for the first time, been compiled into one book, 'Jamaica: Intellectual Property', by Attorney-at- Law and Founding Partner of the law firm, Foga Daley, Dianne Daley.

The book was published by Kluwer Law International, as part of its loose leaf publication of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws in Supplement 47 (September 2008). The International Encyclopaedia of Laws provides information to legal practitioners, corporate counsel, and business executives on varying areas of international legal practice.


The article highlights the book launch for the latest book about Jamaica's Intellectual Property laws. In the article, the author, Dianne Daley is introduced and the background towards the creation of the book is given. Details are also given about the launch itself, and a summary of some of what was said, including commendations from the Executive Director of the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO), Carol Simpson, and comments from Guest speaker at the launch, Chancellor of the Mico University College, Professor Errol Miller.

National Library Developing Digital Audio Books for Visually Impaired

Title: National Library Developing Digital Audio Books for Visually Impaired
Source: KINGSTON, Jamaica Information Service (JIS):
Date Published: Thursday, April 30, 2009

The National Library of Jamaica is developing Digital Audio Books for visually impaired Jamaicans.

The new format will assist visually impaired persons who are unable to access research or recreational material, other than by Braille, because of the unavailability of Digital Audio Books and material.

Executive Director of the National Library, Winsome Hudson, made the disclosure at a recent JIS Think Tank news briefing in Kingston.

In this article the Director of National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) explains of plans to create Digital Audio Books for the visually impaired to support them in secondary and tertiary education. The article details the proposals, indicating how the project will be funded, the model to be followed, the partners to be involved and some of the problems encountered. The reasons why the project is being pursued is also highlighted.