Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) defends new Chaguanas Public Library

Title: LATT: Give library to people of Central
Source: Trinidad and Tobago Guardian
Date published: Sunday, July 20 2014

The article reports on a statement by the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) against the Government of Trinidad and Tobago using the new Chaguanas Public Library completed facility for a Judicial Complex. The article reports that the reconfiguration of the Chaguanas Library  into a Judicial Complex was first hinted at by Chaguanas Mayor Gopual Boodan at a breakfast meeting hosted by the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce on June 24. At that event, Boodan revealed that a Cabinet appointed team was convened on the suggestion by the Chaguanas Lawyers’ Association, the Chamber and other organisations for the transformation of the still under construction Chaguanas library into that of a Judicial Complex. Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie further confirmed the plan, further revealing that the new Chaguanas Public Library is to be re-purposed into the Judicial Complex to deal with a backlog of 7,000 cases before the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court. It is within this context that the article reports LATT's arguments against such plans as well as excerpts of its statements in favour of the new library facility remaining as a facility for public library service.

The Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) is calling on Government, and other stakeholders, to have the new Chaguanas Public Library completed and delivered to the people of central Trinidad and not use it for a Judicial Complex.
LATT, in a full page advertisement in Friday’s newspaper said the library building at Railway Road, Chaguanas has been in the works over 17 years and while it understood the need for accommodation for the judiciary, the public library service ought not to bear the backlash of any such inadequacy.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rural Jamaican public library holds reading championship event

Author: Claudia Gardner
Title:Youngsters Excel In Hanover Parish Library Reading Competition
Date Published: July 12, 2014
Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

The article reports on the Hanover Parish Library's Annual National Reading Championship in Lucea, which was held under the theme 'Read: Anywhere, anytime, any book'. At that event, five reading champions were awarded. Background information on the National Reading competition and how it is adjudicated is included. Also mentioned are some of the sponsors of the event.
The National Reading Competition was launched in 1988 as part of the Jamaica Library Service's 40th anniversary celebrations. The aim is to enable persons of all age groups to enjoy the benefits of reading, develop reading skills, facilitate exposure to highly rated literature, encourage reading habits, and reinforce reading as a positive and fun activity.
A mix of oral and written elements such as letters, book reviews, and puzzles were judged. The entrants' ability to read, understand and interpret set books and excerpts from books were the main determinants for selecting the respective winners.
Sponsors of the event included Dolphin Cove, Family Care Pharmacy, Grand Palladium Resort, Hanover Cooperative Credit Union, Jamaica National Building Society, Ken's Haberdashery, Kool Runnings Adventure Park, Neveast Office Depot, Sandals Resorts, Seaview Pharmacy, Snave Bookstore, Stationery Office Supplies, RIU Negril, the Rotary Club of Lucea, the Lucea branch of the National Commercial Bank, and Hoson's Food Fair.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Trinidad and Tobago's Scarborough library due for completion by August 2014

Title: Scarborough Library due for completion shortly
Date published: Friday, June 6 2014
Source: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The article reports on Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Councillor Gary Melville's announcement of a projected date for the completion of the Scarborough library building and other community projects. In his report, Melville promises that the facility will be modern and ready to support students for the new school year. Mention is made that:
  • the library is currently undergoing a tendering process for the information and communication technology
  • the shelving, furniture and books are already in place
  • sprinkling and fire suppression systems are to be installed
  • and that the Scarborough Beautification Committee will beautify the library surroundings and construct public washrooms


THE MULTI-MILLION dollar Scarborough Library building will be completed by week-end, and external works should be completed by month-end, reported Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Councillor Gary Melville.

Speaking at the weekly post-Executive Council media briefing on Wednesday, he promised the island’s schoolchildren, the use of a modern Scarborough Library when their new term starts in September. 

He also reported that the National Maintenance and Security Company Limited (MTS), the project manager of the construction of the new library in Lower Scarborough, has been mandated to deliver it by the end of August. 

He said that tenders were being processed for the information and communication technology aspect of the project, which is a requirement in a modern-day library. He reported that the shelving, furniture and books are already in the building while sprinkling and fire suppression systems were still to be installed. Melville said his division, in conjunction with the Scarborough Beautification Committee, will beautify the surroundings of the building, and construct public washrooms.