Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jamaican $123 Million for ICT in public library project

Author: By Athaliah Baker
Title: Project to Increase Access to ICT Services Receives $123 Million
Date published: March 3, 2015

The article reports on the allotment of $123 million in the 2015/16 Estimates of Expenditure by Jamaican Parliament to a project to increase access to information and communications technology (ICT) services. Part of this project involves increasing Jamaica's public library usage and installing computer and other technologies within public libraries. Other details of the project are mentioned including activities to be undertaken such as the completion of a needs assessment survey and baseline study, as well as the training of 45 staff members. Also mentioned is that the project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by the Ministry of Education.

The Technology to Empower Individuals and Communities for Development Project also aims to provide ICT and other training programmes to promote personal, organisational and national development; and provide new and enhanced programmes and services responsive to the needs of users, non-users and stakeholders.
It also seeks to promote programmes and services to existing and potential users to increase library usage; and create greater awareness of the value of public libraries in communities to build local and national support. 
For the new fiscal year, it is anticipated that computers and other technologies will be installed in all 128 libraries islandwide; training programmes for staff and users will be implemented; and marketing campaigns will be conducted.

Jamaican public libraries get children books on epilespy

Author: By Rochelle Williams
Title: NHF Provides $51.8 Million in Drug Subsidy for Epileptics
Date published: February 11, 2015

Article reports on the Jamaica Library Service (JLS) receiving 500 children books on epilepsy from  the National Health Fund (NHF). The NHF Chief Executive Officer, Everton Anderson, is reported stating that this donation of books is intended at changing cultural attitudes towards persons living with epilepsy. Also stated is the total cost of the books donated to the island-wide public library network.


Mr. Anderson was addressing a function held on February 9, at the Jamaica Library Service’s (JLS) Tom Redcam Drive headquarters in Kingston, where 500 children’s books on epilepsy were handed over to the JLF. 
The NHF provided $360,000 for the purchase of the books, which will be distributed through the JLS’ island-wide library network.
Entitled ‘Way to Go, Flash,’ the publications are intended to raise awareness of epilepsy and help to lower the stigma against children and adults with the condition. Epilepsy is one of 15 chronic health conditions covered by the NHF.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Carib LIN 2014 reflections and goals for 2015

Each December, I pause to reflect on Carib LIN, a blog that I started in 2007 to provide access to news regarding libraries, museums, archives and other information-centric institutions. This custom begins with my reading what I wrote for reflections for the following year. This is the seventh year that I have been doing this and am thankful and blessed to continue this blog, despite pursuing doctoral studies, tending to my family and among other competing interests.

For 2014, I promised to continue:
  • providing an abstracting and selective information dissemination service for important library and information related news in the English-speaking Caribbean
  • maintaining grammatically and error free entries, while ensuring that this blog is accurate, trustworthy and reliable 
  • providing a voice in the blogosphere for issues in Caribbean library and information service environment 
  • reporting developments that are of interest to and affect librarians and information professionals who have an interest in the region. 
  • and maintaining the survival of this blog through at least one blog posting per month.
So how well did I do? I will leave you, my reader, to be the judge.

However, I must first mention, that looking back at the numbers, there were at least two months in which I did not post (March and August). It may not necessarily have been my fault as perhaps there was nothing to report on in those months. Second, gauging by the statistics of views, I think I have also met the goal of reporting news of interest to my library and information professional audience. One of the top posts for the year was one entitled Jamaica public librarian to be honoured for nation... posted October 18, 2014 with 529 unique views.

For 2015 (all things remaining constant), my main objective for Carib LIN is just to keep it alive to represent news from the region, even if it is just a few islands. Wishing you my faithful readers all the best for the rest of 2014 and good health for 2015.

Faithfully yours,

Mark-Shane Scale,
Chief editor, curator and blogger of Carib LIN.