Friday, 29 April 2011

National Library Service of Barbados seeking to 'book' the unborn

Title: Booking unborn
Date Published: TUE, APRIL 12, 2011 - 12:02 AM
Source: Barbados Nation News

Article reports on the National Library Service of Barbados's strategic direction, their strengths and gaps. The article notes that the library was, despite the growth of e-readers, still popular with children, adults and senior citizens. Nevertheless, the article also reports that library personnel are embarking on a strategy of promoting reading from the “baby stage” in order to get children accustomed to hearing a voice reading from as early as pregnancy. Disclosure is made of a team at the Sir Winston Scott Polyclinic speaking to pregnant mothers, introducing the library service's Leap Into Reading Programme for children from one to five years old.

Mention is also made of the acquisitions of  e-books by the libray, where the Director Annette Smith indicates that the Library Service had began the development of a collection of e-books to keep relevant with new technology. The view is however expressed that new sources like the Kindle and e-books are still incapable of competing with reading in the library or even reading the printed book.

Appeal is also made for donations in acquiring new books as well as volunteers to read to children.The Director also expresses the view that the library needs a bus to provide extended services to various communities during school summer holidays.

Mention is also made of the US Embassy ChargĂ© d’Affaires Brent Hardt presenting a list of books to the library as part of the National Library Week celebration in the United States.


The National Library Service is not daunted by technology like the Kindle, but it is taking the fight for literacy to another level.

The service is seeking to reach Barbadians even before birth by promoting reading to unborn children through interacting with expectant mums at the polyclinics.
Yesterday, after a donation of 22 Notable Books by the United States Embassy, acting senior librarian at the Bridgetown branch, Grace Haynes, explained that although the library was still a popular place for children, adults and even senior citizens, library personnel felt the need to promote reading from the “baby stage”. 

Cabinet OKs Copyright Act amendments in Jamaica

Title: Cabinet OKs Copyright Act amendments
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published:
Saturday | April 23, 2011


The article reports on information provided by the Minister with responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz, regarding the amendments to the Copyright Act. Mentioned is the idea of allowing for 'a voluntary deposit system for copyright works to be hosted by the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office'. Vaz also discusses an amendment that permit protection of 'first importers of sound recordings in Jamaica' with the first 'right of distribution'. Other amendments are also mentioned, including provision for orphan works and rights for libraries and archives to archive materials in digital formats.


Cabinet has given approval for amendments to the Copyright Act to allow for exemptions to access to copyright works by persons with visual or hearing disabilities.

In addition, the act will be amended to change the duration of copyright for works created by the Crown and corporate bodies, and the making of provisions for access to 'orphan works'.

The amended act will also clarify the rights in adapted works and extend the rights of libraries and archivists to archive materials that are in digital format.

Jamaican 1993 Copyright Act amendments approved by Cabinet

Title: Copyright Act to be amended
Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS) news
Date published: Saturday, 23 April 2011

The article reports on announcements made at a post-Cabinet press conference by the Minister for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Hon. Daryl Vaz regarding amendments to the 1993 Copyright act of Jamaica with mention of several new provisions.

Cabinet has given approval for amendments to be made to the Copyright Act, 1993.
Amendments include: exemptions for access to copyright works by the print and hearing disabled; the duration of copyright for works created by the Crown and corporate bodies;making provision for access to ‘orphan works’; and clarifying rights in adapted works.
Others will involve extending the rights of Libraries and Archivists to archive material that is in digital format; and protecting first importers of sound recordings in Jamaica, by ensuring them the first right of distribution of same.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

National Library of Jamaica Gone Digital

TITLE: National Library of Jamaica Gone Digital
DATE: Tuesday, 06 July 2010
SOURCE: Jamaica Information News (JIS NEWS)

With the click of a mouse in the comfort of their homes, Jamaicans can now access historical materials, including maps, photographs and plans, which are stored on the website of the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ).
In an era when more and more information is being sought on the Internet, the NLJ has moved to facilitate the process, by digitising its collections as well as downloading and storing Jamaican publications on its website.
"We use robot software to scan the universe of web publication and collect and load and bring into the national library's collection, things having to do with Jamaica," Executive Director of the NLJ, Winsome Hudson tells JIS News.
This process, known as web-archiving, is one of the latest initiatives of the NLJ. Mrs. Hudson says the Library is also collecting selective publications from websites belonging to some ministries and government agencies.
"Of course, this is a pilot project, so we really are not collecting everything on the Internet about Jamaica, but we are collecting select publications at this point while we test the process," she adds.

Executive Director of the NLJ, Winsome Hudson discusses the NLJ's activities and plans in digitizing aspects of its collection, as well as the activities involve in collecting digital collections that are already online. Patron and history lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, Dr. Kathleen Monteit also discusses how important the collection at the National Library of Jamaica is to historians and to the study of Jamaican and Caribbean history. She also indicates some unique sources that are available at the national library in a variety of formats