Monday, 23 September 2013

Inaugural book fair for student teachers at a Jamaican college

Title: Moneague College Stages First Book Fair
Date published: 16 SEPTEMBER 2013
Source: Jamaica Information Service


Article reports on the inaugural book fair on the campus of a Jamaican college for teachers, where reading  and educational materials were on display from nine providers. College librarians among others are quoted as indicating the benefit of the fair in exposing student teachers to [local] educational materials that can support their work as teachers in the delivery of the curriculum.


Meanwhile, librarian at the St Joseph's Teachers College in Kingston, Jackie Morris, said the event was useful for the students "to actually see what each book store holds and what they have on display, and what material they can get to support their curriculum".

"I think it is a very interesting book fair and it is something that I would want to adopt also," she stated.

Librarian at the Moneague College, Theresa Reid, explained that the event was held to enable students to access material for their courses.

"As you would imagine, with the economic situation, the libraries are not necessarily able to provide all the resources that the students need, and so based on demand we would want to encourage our students to get their own resources for their classes," she stated. She said the aim was to make the book fair an annual event.

The art collection at The Mona Library at the University of the West Indies

Author: Amitabh Sharma
Title: UWI's Treasure Trove
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date published: September 8, 2013 1

The article briefly introduces the art collection at The Mona Library at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus. Information is given about some of the items or works in the collection as well as to the collection development over the years. Frances Salmon, head, West Indies and Special Collection, is interviewed. Salmon in the interview discusses the range of art featured, how some of the items were acquired as well as the purpose for the collection.


What would you call a space that houses more than 170 pieces of art? A gallery? A museum? Or an art aficionado's sprawling villa? The answer: none of the above. What if one said that these artefacts sit in a library?

Visitors would rarely notice - as they lug their journals, laptops and reading material to study or sift through catalogues and books to research - that a library is more than a book bank.
The Mona Library at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, is the abode of pieces of art that are both steeped in history and a convergence of cultures from across the world.