Sunday, 17 January 2010

Jamaica Music Museum Update: Controversial but contemporary collection

Author: Mel Cooke
Title: Non-exclusionary approach taken to museum, Dermott Hussey donates entire collection
Date Published: Sunday | January 17, 2010


The article reports on some of the comments made by the curator, and Jamaica Music Museum director, Herbie Miller during a tour of the Jamaica Music Museum exhibition. Miller shares in this article's report the mission of the museum and how controversial some of its collections and items are. The article reports on some of the items that were donated to the music museum and its donors. It also documents some of the comments and reactions made by visitors to the museum.


The last and latest Jamaican music genre in the mini-exhibition on Jamaican music is dancehall. It is written that "perhaps the most controversial and polarising genre of Jamaican music, dancehall, currently dominates the island's musical landscape".

While walking through with The Sunday Gleaner, Jamaica Music Museum director Herbie Miller said, "that's why a museum is so important. We are not just looking at the past. We are looking at the present and the future." At this dancehall stop, he points out to The Sunday Gleaner that many people did not like ska, which is now considered classic. Similarly, many people did not like reggae, which is now called the golden age of Jamaican music.

"Our duty as a museum is to collect it all, whether we like it or not. Let future scholars look at it and figure out what it means. Who knows? The world may develop in a way that what is seen as negative now will be seen as positive," Miller said, singing a few lines from Cole Porter's Anything Goes.

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