Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New school "library" to receive local Jamaica Information Service materials

Title: Three Schools in St. Catherine Benefit from JIS Donation
Source: KINGSTON, Jamaica Information Service (JIS)
Date published: Sunday, November 29, 2009
URL: http://www.jis.gov.jm/officepm/html/20091129t190000-0500_22082_jis_three_schools_in_st__catherine_benefit_from_jis_donation__.asp

A number of Jamaican schools received donations of local materials from Jamaica Information Service. One such school is a primary school recently upgraded from an all-age school. In this report, the principal of that school, Hazel Bradford expressed her gratitude for the materials and indicates how the materials will be used. The principal also mentions how the institution converted classrooms to a library in order to faciltate the upgrade.

"At Seafield Primary and Infant, Principal, Hazel Bradford, also stated her delight with the JIS donations.

She explained that the school recently converted two classrooms into a library following a change from all-age to primary status.

"With the JIS contribution, our students will be very knowledgeable about their heritage," she stated, while informing that the materials will be added to the library's collections."

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