Thursday, 31 December 2009

CaribLIN's anniversary reflection and objectives for 2010

Seasons greetings viewers and readers,

I started the Caribbean Library and Information News (CaribLIN) blog in December 2007. This month now marks the second year of its existence. That means that despite my job, family obligations and other activities, I have still managed to keep this blog in existence.

In fact, this year's performance has more than doubled last year's performance.

In December 2007, CaribLIN posted 3 news items.
In December 2008, 4 news items were posted.
For this December, 2009, a total of 7 news items will be posted.

In addition, in December 2007, CaribLIN began with 7 posts. By December 2008, CaribLIN was able to triple that, posting 28 posts for that year. As of December 2009, CaribLIN would be posting 112 blog entries for the year. That is an average of 9.33 entries a month.

Blog entries this year have posted news items from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. In addition, CaribLIN was able to reach new audiences, when some of its entries were featured in IASL Newsletter.

For 2010, the objectives for Carib LIN are to:

  • maintain the blog entries on the Caribbean library and information environment to at least 3 entries per month.

  • include more English-speaking Caribbean islands in its coverage other than Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana

  • maintain grammatically and error free entries, while ensuring that this blog is accurate, trustworthy and reliable.

Ultimately, CaribLIN's renewed 2010's purpose or mission is to:
  • provide a voice in the blogosphere for issues in Caribbean library and information service environment

  • and to report developments that are of interest to and affect librarians and information professionals who have an interest in the region

Thank you and Regards,

Mark-Shane Scale
Blog Editor and Chief Contributor

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