Thursday, 24 November 2011

Construction delay for the National Public Library of Antigua & Barbuda

Author: Rory Butler 
Title: No Public Library by year-end

Date published: Thursday, November 24th, 2011.
Source: Antigua


The article reports on the inability of the governing administration to honour a commitment to complete the new library building site for the National Public Library of Antigua and Barbuda for 2011.The delay is reportedly caused by a lack of funding. Executive Secretary of the Board of Education (BOE) D Gisele Isaac provides further detail of the source of funding and the reasons for the delay. The article also reports that construction materials to be manufactured overseas are required. The cost of the construction project is also mentioned. In addition what the building will house and some of its amenities and facilities are also mentioned.


St. John’s Antigua- Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer is not going to be able to keep his commitment to Antigua & Barbuda to have the National Public Library completed in 2011.

Executive Secretary of the Board of Education (BOE) D Gisele Isaac confirmed yesterday that a 2011 completion date is out of the question.

“Oh absolutely not. Today is the (23rd November). No, of course it can’t be completed this year. The first thing we need to get is overseas materials, so even if I were to place the order today there is no way they are going to get here for us to complete anything before year-end. So, no it’s not going to happen in 2011,” Isaac said yesterday.

In January this year Spencer categorically stated, “The public library must be completed and operationalised by 2011, whatever the situation.”

Spencer at the time said his administration was taking full responsibility for the inordinate delay in the completion of the facility, “but it must be done.”
Upon completion, the 20,000 square foot multi-level complex building will be fully air-conditioned and host between 70 and 80 computers.

It will offer several rooms, including a children’s library and reading room, adult reading rooms, a modern conference room, a research and reference library, newspaper and periodicals section, staff and lobby areas, a cafeteria and a gift shop

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