Sunday, 14 February 2010

Trinidad and Tobago's National Museum to be relocated

Author: Lara Pickford-Gordon
Title: National Museum moves to Knowsley
Source: Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday
Date Published: Saturday, January 30 2010

The article reports on the plans to relocate the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago to a refurbished historical building. The rationale behind the relocation is also mentioned.

“the rationale is to have all the cultural centres located together in the same vicinity so you have the National Academy for Performing Arts. Then you’ll have the museum, and then the administrative buildings related to culture and the National Cultural Centre which is also planned.”

...the move to the new space will be an impetus for the museum which has been in the same location for several years...the relocation to Knowsley will bring new life to the museum.

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