Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Jamaican Ministry to relocate to new facilities, inclusive of new library space

Title: Foreign affairs' $450-m move
Source: Jamaica Observer
Date published: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Article reports on an initiative to relocate the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to new headquarters. The new location will be in a part of Kingston that is much cheaper, saving the Government millions of dollars. A part of the plan for the new facility is the construction of a library space.

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will spend an initial $450 million to relocate its head office downtown in the next fiscal year.

The move is part of Government's cost-saving measure to relocate ministry's and agencies to cheaper offices downtown.

"The final cost of the building is still to be determined as the project is still at the preliminary stage. The initial estimate of the cost is $447 million," stated Wilton Dyer, public relations officer at the ministry. The amount includes the price of the land, initial geological assessments and architectural surveys and design; and tendering for local consultants. Of the total amount, the "Chinese government will offer $292 million as a grant" and the Jamaican government will finance the remainder. The new building will be on Port Royal Street downtown and will contain among other things: Conference rooms, training facilities, parking lots, lounges, canteen, a library, and holding area for children.

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