Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Drop in the Usage of Libraries by theTrinidad and Tobago Public

Author: Akile Simon

Title: $144m spent on libraries in past year...Nalis laments drop in usage by public

Trinidad and Tobago

Date Published: 16 July 2009



The article reports on a speech given by the executive director of the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) of Trinidad and Tobago, Annette Wallace. In her speech, Wallace discloses the the amount spent on libraries by the body (NALIS). Wallace also discloses the results of a survey that despite the expenditure on libraries, public usage of the services have dropped. The article also reveal a particular finding about the perception of nonusers of the library and the future plans for the development of libraries in Trinidad and Tobago. The Information Minister, Neil Parsanlal, also spoke, affirming the Government's support of NALIS in further advancing the nation's mission of developing its human capital through public access to information.

The article also discloses that the speeches by Wallace and Parsanlal were given at the opening ceremony of the Arima Public Library on Pro Queen Street in Arima.


The National Library and Information Systems Authority (Nalis) has dished out a service to the public at a value of more than $144 million for the last fiscal year.

But a survey conducted revealed there was a decline in the usage at public libraries. This disclosure was made by Nalis’ executive director Annette Wallace on Tuesday, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Arima Public Library on Pro Queen Street in Arima.

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M. Scale said...

You should also see the comments posted online regarding that story. They have lambasted Librarian economics.