Thursday, 16 July 2009

Call for a Jamaican museum or library to honour Norman Manley

Author: Garfield Myers
Title: Another appeal for Roxborough: Birthplace of National Hero Norman Manley still in disrepair
Source: Jamaica Observer
Date published: Wednesday, July 08, 2009


A brief note on Roxborough on the website of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, which has responsibility for official heritage sites, says in part: "It was proposed that the house be restored since it had fallen into disrepair, but in 1968 it was destroyed by fire. Currently only the foundation remains. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust proposes to restore the building."

Pressed by the Observer following Saturday's function, which incorporated tributes to Manley's life in speech and song, Ramsay argued that a library and/or museum suitably furnished with literature and memorabilia on Manley should be part of any upgrading.


The article reports on the annual July 4 celebration honouring one of Jamaica's National Hero, Norman Manley, at which calls were made for the upgrading of his home. At this function Mayor of Mandeville and chairman of the Manchester Parish Council, Brenda Ramsay, suggests that the nation should adequately honour Manley "the 'father' and chief architect of post-independent Jamaica" by upgrading his old house. Already designated as a heritage site, the suggestion was made to turn Manley's house into a museum or library. This suggested museum or library would serve as an historical attraction informing visitors about Manley and his contribution to Jamaica.

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