Sunday, 17 May 2009

Visits to the library produces Cardiac Surgery in Guyana

Author: Sharmain Cornette

Title: Defying the odds and providing high-quality cardiac service: Dr Gary Stephens is a ‘Special Person’

Source: Kaieteur News

Date Published: May 17, 2009


The article reports on the biographical story of Dr Gary Stephens, a cardiac surgeon, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the lone Cardiac facility in Guyana, the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI). His successes are traced by the author to his childhood experiences at the public library, where a librarian and her story telling sessions motivated him to read. This love of reading that was inculcated in him by the librarian lead him to read a particular book, which fed his aspiration to become a doctor.


His passion for being a doctor was motivated by his visits to the library as a young boy, a pastime he managed to balance with his love for athletics. He was in fact an outstanding athlete back in the days.

But according to Dr Stephens his motivation to visit the library was driven by the way the librarian would read.

“Those were the days when the Public Library in Linden had a storytelling time in the afternoons and on Saturdays. The librarian was so good that you would make the effort to go there and sit down and listen. The way the librarian read whatever book she had, it just encouraged you to want to read. She made me want to read…you just wanted to pick up a book and just enjoy it the same way she read it to you.”

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