Sunday, 3 May 2009

JA Gov't tax books and computers

Author: Petrina Francis, Staff Reporter
Title: Walker eases book stalemate
Source: Jamaica Gleaner
Date Published: Saturday | May 2, 2009

Article reports on how the Government's announcement of a new tax on books complicated the clearance of books on the wharves, and the intervention of the Commissioner of Customs to ignore the application of new taxes until a list of books that are tax-exempted is provided. The article also reports on the concerns of the Book Industry Association over the new tax and how they fear that publishers and book dealers may go out of business due to this move. Finally the article also remarks on the Government's decision to charge tax on computers and the justification behind doing so.

COMMISSIONER OF Customs Danville Walker yesterday gave instructions for books currently on the wharves to be cleared under the existing rules until the new guidelines for general consumption tax (GCT) on books are finalised

The Government last week announced that GCT would now be applied to books and other printed material, which are not educational or religious. The tax was to take effect on Monday.

However, concerns were expressed by the Customs Brokers' Association that books have been languishing on the wharves since Monday because there was a confusion on which books would be taxed.

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