Thursday, 16 April 2009

Linguist launches T&T English/Creole dictionary

Author: Michelle Loubon
Title: Linguist launches English/Creole dictionary
Source: The Trinidad Guardian
Date Published: April 15, 2009


Canadian linguist and lexicographer Dr Lise Winer embarked upon a 35-year journey to archive [Trinidad and Tobago's] indigenous expressions for posterity. She found the dazzling array of words, Soca Warriors, and colourful figures of speech “spinning top in mud,” were little windows through which T&T could archive its literary heritage. Winer’s work culminated with the launch the Dictionary of English/Creole of Trinidad and Tobago at Nalis Audio Visual Room, at Hart and Abercromby Streets, Port-of-Spain, on March 23. The dictionary bore the national colours—red, white and black.

“The Creole dictionary is a new tool to embrace and appreciate our language and history.” - Jeannette Elias, manager of corporate communications at the National Gas Company (NGC);

“Too often small countries are seen as not having anything significant on the global stage. I like the way people here think, metaphorically and proverbially,” - Dr Lise Winer

The article reports on book launch for the new indigenous dictionary of Trinidad and Tobago's language. Most of the article covers the author's experiences with and thoughts on the Trinbagonian language.

The article also raised the issue of the preservation and recording of Trinidad and Tobago's oral and literary tradition. Praises for Dr. Winer's work were issued by a number of speakers who saw this dictionary on Trinidad and Tobago's linguistic expressions and words as a means of documenting the nation's language.

Attending the launch were two Caribbean librarians, Annette Wallace, executive director at Nalis and, UWI campus librarian Jennifer Joseph.

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