Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Educators say that Internet makes Jamaican students lazy

Author: NADINE WILSON Career & Education staff reporter wilsonn AT

Title: 'Internet making students lazy': Educators say better monitoring of use required

Date Published:
Sunday, April 12, 2009



FOR many of Jamaica's students, the Internet is easily accessible and convenient, allowing them the opportunity, at the click of a mouse, to get their hands on the answers to an abundance of homework questions. And that is precisely the problem that educators are having with the technology.

Teachers complain that while the existence of the Internet has its advantages, it also helps to promote laziness among students, which manifests itself in their poor academic performance at exam time and in their school-based assessments (SBAs).


Article reports on the observations of educators about the impact of the Web on student academic work, abilities and achievement. The report chronicle negative observations made by educators about the quality of the work of students and their lack of critical thinking and analytical skills, which they attribute to the increased access to the Web.

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