Monday, 8 December 2008

Barbados main branch of the public library reopens

Title: Library doors open
Date: December 03, 2008
Source: Nation News

Abstract from Source:
AFTER CLOSURE for two years, the lending section of the main branch of the National Public Library opened its doors to the public yesterday morning at its new location.

The article provides details about the opening of the main branch of Barbados Public Library. It indicates what sections of the library have not yet opened to the public and on the opening hours. It also features an interview with the Acting Director and a report on what users can expect from the library in its new location.


Blibrarian said...

I posted about this re-opening over the weekend. What has amazed me is that although there was intermittent grievious noise about the situation, the public never really protested the prolonged closure (openly?). As such I believe this led to the two year closure. I wonder would such a situation have been allowed to happen in Jamaica?

M. Scale said...

I think Jamaicans have greater cultural disposition to protest than Barbadians. If it happened in Jamaica, I could guarantee that our media houses would be flooded with complaints.

Nevertheless, there has been much lamentation in the Nation News regarding the closure.