Thursday, 30 April 2015

Jamaican Teacher-librarian wins award for mastering course management software

Author:   BY RACQUEL PORTER, Career & Education writer
Title: 'Alpha' teacher wins tech prize
Date published:  April 20, 2015
Source: Jamaica Observer

The article announces the winner of an award for mastering a course management software named RenWeb. The winner is a teacher-librarian named Hopplin Thompson. Details about the RenWeb software that Thompson mastered and its capabilities are presented. Also mentioned is the company behind the system. Names of the runners-up are also mentioned in the article.


TEACHER-LIBRARIAN at Convent of Mercy Academy 'Alpha' Hopplin Thompson is the winner of this year's Zed-Makeyla Technology Award for creative use of the classroom management software, RenWeb.

A teacher-librarian is a certified teacher who also has training in librarianship. Hopplin, who received the award at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Thursday, beat out a field of 19 to win the top prize.

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