Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Institute of Jamaica's Executive Director outlines new plans for Jamaican museums

Author: Elaine Hartman Reckord
Title: IOJ Facilitating Greater Appreciation of Museums
Date published: April 22, 2014
Source: Jamaica Information Service

Article reports on the measures taken by the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) to enable greater access to the museums showcasing artefacts of Jamaica's heritage. One such measure is the opening of the museum during Saturdays. In the report,  the Executive Director of the IOJ, Anne Marie Bonner, is reported as listing some of the programs and events that will be implemented by the museum to attract more visitors including showing movies and storytelling and puppetry for children. Bonner is also reported as indicating that the museum is targeting not just students but young adults, families and senior citizens. Further information is provided about the Institute and the various museums that it operates across the island. The importance of the museums is also mentioned in the article, as well as plans outlined for refurbishing and repairing a number of museums. Challenges facing some of the museums are also mentioned.

 “We are looking at setting up date-nights for the young adults. We will be having a series of movies that we will be showing in the afternoons and several activities for the children, including story-telling and puppetry,” she says, adding that other programmes are being developed for children and adults during the summer holidays.

She points out that “museum education” is very important, not only for students. “We are also extending our outreach to young adults, families and senior citizens because we feel it will benefit all Jamaicans and not just young people,” she says.

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