Tuesday, 31 December 2013

CARIB LIN's 6th anniversary and 2014 goals

It has been 6 years since I have been keeping this blog going. As is my custom, since it is now December, I reflect on and review the year for the Carib LIN blog.

In December 2007, when Carib LIN was born, the blog represented my timid foot into blogging. Here I refrained from commentary and sharing opinion, but just providing a referral blog to other news relevant to the region's library and information professionals. Hence, my aim and objective in Carib LIN was to provide documentary evidence of facts and descriptive and analytical summaries. Today, the blog is still operated in this manner. (However, I have become a bit bolder in blogging, in my blog Small Island Librarian, taking greater risks by publishing my professional opinions, rants and ideas).

At the writing of this post, the Carib LIN statistics indicate that I have managed to maintain this blog with at least one post per month, with an average of 2 posts per month. This is a good achievement considering the effort it takes to: a) keep blogging and b) to keep an eye out for news to blog about.

For 2014, I will strive to continue:
  • providing an abstracting and selective information dissemination service for important library and information related news in the English-speaking Caribbean
  • maintaining grammatically and error free entries, while ensuring that this blog is accurate, trustworthy and reliable 
  • providing a voice in the blogosphere for issues in Caribbean library and information service environment 
  • reporting developments that are of interest to and affect librarians and information professionals who have an interest in the region. 
  • and maintaining the survival of this blog through at least one blog posting per month.
Apart from this, I want to give a shout out to Athaliah Reynolds, from Jamaica Information Service (JIS), who has consented to alert me to relevant news published by JIS that are suitable for mentioning on this blog. Finally, I want to give thanks to you, the reader, for the continued visitation of Carib LIN, and I wish you a prosperous 2014.

Faithfully yours,

Mark-Shane Scale,
Chief editor, curator and blogger of Carib LIN.

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