Sunday, 7 July 2013

Museum to be established in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Author: Leon McPherson and/or Bryan Miller  
Title: Fencing of Montego Bay Civic Centre to Cost $17 Million
Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Regional Office (Montego Bay)
Date published: Sunday, 7 July 2013

This article reports on comments by both the Mayor of Montego Bay, Glendon Harris, and the Executive Director of the Tourist Enhancement Fund (TEF), Clyde Harrison, mentioning plans to establish a museum in Montego Bay. The site identified for the museum is at the Montego Bay Civic Centre at the historic Sam Sharpe Square. It will be established by the St. James Parish Council in association with the Institute of Jamaica with funding from the Tourist Enhancement Fund.

According to Mayor of Montego Bay,  Glendon Harris, there is a long term proposal to properly utilize the area reserved for a bistro, and to establish a museum,  that will help to  provide a relaxing atmosphere.
The Mayor said that the work being carried out will allow for better control in and around the facility. 
Executive Director of the TEF, Clyde Harrison, said his organization has plans for more work to be done at the centre. 
“The vision is to establish a museum, in association with the Institute of Jamaica; an arts centre; a bistro and a logo shop,” he explained.

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