Friday, 12 April 2013

Caribbean Freedom of Information Network launched

Title [of Press Rease]: Caribbean Freedom of Information Network launched at Landmark Conference
Alternative title: 11 Caribbean Countries Meet to Discuss Freedom of Information Laws in the Region
Date published: March 22, 2013
Source: World Resources Institute


This article or press release announces the outcome and decision of an event (a two-day conference) held in Kingston, Jamaica where 11 Caribbean countries met to discuss matters relating to freedom of information legislation in the region. Commonwealth Caribbean nations with legislation pending, plus those with legislation implemented are noted.

The press release also reportedly quotes from the persons of Dr. Carolyn Gomes, chairperson of the Access to Information Advisory Stakeholders’ Committee and Danielle Andrade, Legal Director of the Jamaica Environment Trust, stating why such legislation is important, useful and beneficial to citizens. Also reported are the sponsors behind the funding and staging of the conference, as well as participants.


For the first time, Caribbean governments and civil society have come together to discuss access to information, public participation in governance, and access to justice at a landmark conference held in Kingston, Jamaica. Representatives from 11 Caribbean countries attended the “Regional Conference on Freedom of Information in the Caribbean: Improving Management for the Environment.”

At the close of the two-day conference on March 21, 2013, governments, civil society, and media announced the decision to launch a Caribbean network on freedom of information to support processes to improve standards for access to information in the region.

Dr. Carolyn Gomes, chairperson of the Access to Information Advisory Stakeholders’ Committee and Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) said, “freedom of information is the most powerful tool for ordinary citizens to arm themselves with the information they need to change their lives. Launching this freedom of information network will build opportunities for collaboration, learning and capacity building among information commissioners, civil society and media across the region.”

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