Monday, 4 June 2012

Barbados Archives urged to digitize

Author: (JH)
Title: Digitise records
Date published: June 4, 2012
Source: The Barbados Advocate

This article reports on comments made by a historian, Dr. David Browne, who delivered a public lecture as part to celebrate Archives Awareness Month 2012. At that event, Dr. Browne makes a number of comments, remarks, observations and suggestions, some of which are documented by the reporter. One such suggestion was that the Barbados Depart ment of Archives needs digitize its records to keep up with modern technological advancements, despite unavailability of resources. Browne articulates that access and preservation of archive materials are important to researchers, and makes suggestion about businesses needing to practice good record keeping and that schools need to create School Archives in similar ways that they have school libraries.


THE BARBADOS Department of Archives must reposition itself for the modern era and the technological advancement that comes with it.

This observation was made recently by Dr. David Browne, who was delivering a public lecture on the topic “Preserving Archives as Evidence” in the 3Ws Oval. The lecture was hosted by the Archives Department and the West Indies Federal Archives Centre in celebration of National Archives Awareness Month 2012.

Acknowledging the current challenges which exist and which have existed for quite some time, namely the unavailability of resources, he said that access and preservation of this material is critical, particularly as it relates to persons seeking to carry out research on a given topic.

“More and more, information and documents are [being] produced digitally and stored in this fashion. I understand that the Archives Department was looking at the digitisation of records [and] that is the way to go.”
His comments came as he also questioned the purpose of record-keeping, whether it is for the use of researchers or just for posterity, otherwise known as the community memory.

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