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National Library of Jamaica Gone Digital

TITLE: National Library of Jamaica Gone Digital
DATE: Tuesday, 06 July 2010
SOURCE: Jamaica Information News (JIS NEWS)

With the click of a mouse in the comfort of their homes, Jamaicans can now access historical materials, including maps, photographs and plans, which are stored on the website of the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ).
In an era when more and more information is being sought on the Internet, the NLJ has moved to facilitate the process, by digitising its collections as well as downloading and storing Jamaican publications on its website.
"We use robot software to scan the universe of web publication and collect and load and bring into the national library's collection, things having to do with Jamaica," Executive Director of the NLJ, Winsome Hudson tells JIS News.
This process, known as web-archiving, is one of the latest initiatives of the NLJ. Mrs. Hudson says the Library is also collecting selective publications from websites belonging to some ministries and government agencies.
"Of course, this is a pilot project, so we really are not collecting everything on the Internet about Jamaica, but we are collecting select publications at this point while we test the process," she adds.

Executive Director of the NLJ, Winsome Hudson discusses the NLJ's activities and plans in digitizing aspects of its collection, as well as the activities involve in collecting digital collections that are already online. Patron and history lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, Dr. Kathleen Monteit also discusses how important the collection at the National Library of Jamaica is to historians and to the study of Jamaican and Caribbean history. She also indicates some unique sources that are available at the national library in a variety of formats

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