Monday, 22 March 2010

St. Lucian library loses valuable electronic equipment in fire

AUTHOR: Stan Bishop
TITLE: Central Library Fire
SOURCE: The Voice
DATE: March 20, 2010

The author provides an account of the fire and the events leading to the Fire department's extinguishing the fire. The article also reports on what is believed to be the cause of the fire. The article also reports on the Director for the library's initial assessment of the impact of the fire for the library. The director in response, opines that the library has lost equipment and will remain close for some time until a full assessment is undertaken of the damage.


Brenda Paul, director of Library Services,
also spoke to the media after being summoned
to the scene of the fire. She described the
timing of the fire as “unfortunate.”

“Right now, we are undertaking
some minor repairs on the library, although
we, in fact, need some major repairs,”
Paul said. “ So it is really unfortunate.
More than that, we have lost most of our resources in there: computers, television sets, a VCR.
I’m just hoping that we will be able
to get funding to replace those valuable resources.”

Paul added that at the time of the fire, the
library had been closed, following a decision
taken earlier in the day by staff due to a
water shortage at the institution. In the
interim, she added, the Central Library will
remain closed, as a detailed assessment of
the building’s electrical circuits needs
to be done.

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