Saturday, 24 October 2009

Not enough staff for Barbados library system

Author: Yvette Best
Title: Not enough staff for library needs
Date Published: 10/24/2009.

Article reports on how staff shortage is curtailing the library's service to the community and society.

Information is also given about how the use of the library has changed especially with the advent of computers.

The article also outlines some of the programmes and services that the Barbados public library system offers, thereby revealing one area of the library system's strength. However the article also outlines that diversification of the services and programmes is also curtailed by the shortage of staff.

A SHORTAGE OF STAFF is preventing the Barbados Library Service from fully completing its mandate.

Acting director of the Barbados Library Service, Avonda Callender, said the current complement of 37 was insufficient for the eight branch libraries.

"There is a problem . . . Government has to provide the staffing. So we are trying to introduce new services with the limited staff. We cannot provide half the services that we really would like to do," she said.

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