Monday, 8 June 2009

PM responds to 5 year-old's plea for a library

Author: Dunkley, Alicia
Title: "PM responds to 5 year-old's plea for a library"
Source: Jamaica Observer (
Date Published: Monday, June 08, 2009


A five-year-old lad who wrote a letter when he was four, requesting that the Prime Minister (PM) sponsored his school a school library gets his desire. The PM responds donating 400 books to the school for a school library. The PM also pledged to give further assistance for the establishment of a "proper library".


Jaiden's latest exploit was a letter authored by him when he was four years old with a plea powerful enough to bring Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding to his school in Freetown, Clarendon with 400 books in tow last Friday.

Up to then, everyone but Jaiden had forgotten about the letter, which his parents had posted just to humour him.

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