Monday, 12 January 2009

Preliminary Programme of the 2009 International Conference of the Jamaica Library Service

This is an unofficial news release on the JLS 2009 International Conference.

The preliminary programme is out. Therefore, the topics to be presented at the conference are now confirmed. You can visit the link below:

Or you can visit the Jamaica Library Service's website at the following URL:

This event should produce a lot of scholarship on librarianship in Jamaica if not the region.

Conference Name: Jamaica Library Service 60th Anniversary International Conference
ponsoring Institution:
Jamaica Library Service
"Public & School Libraries: Your Partners in National Development"

Location: Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa, Ocho Rios, St. Ann
February 16 - 21 , 2009


M. Scale said...

This is an update to this conference entry. If the news was not so stale I would have put it in an entire entry by itself.

The JLS website now has a report of the conference proceedings.

You can see this at:

M. Scale said...

In fact it is 2 reports, not "a report".